It’s no secret; most cars don’t perform well in the winter. Many factors, including cold temperatures, icy roads, and snow, all affect how well your vehicle will drive during the season. Electric cars generally handle and perform just as well, or even better than gas-powered cars during the winter. Plus -you’ll never need to worry about freezing your butt off at the gas station every week! Still, even for electric vehicles (EVs), cold temperatures and
To lease, or not to lease. That is the question. In fact, it’s an increasingly common question for people looking for cars today. Traditionally considered a financially preferred option to purchasing a vehicle, leasing is now becoming less and less ideal for those who want electric vehicles (EVs). But why? There are many factors to consider when deciding to lease an EV in today’s economy. In this guide, we’ll explain all the major factors to
We live in an age where convenience reigns supreme. Whether listening to ad-free music or scheduling a pet food delivery to arrive on our doorstep the day before Fido runs out of his favorite nuggets—we are constantly seeking ways to make our lives easier and more productive. Over the past few years, a lesser-known (but growing) area of opportunity for subscription services has emerged within one of the world’s largest economic sectors: the auto industry.
Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to trend toward mass adoption as we approach 2020. Every automotive brand is strategically positioning themselves to be major players in the EV market and transitioning away from gas-powered cars. Predicted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, “20 years from now, more than half of new cars sold will be electric.”  This might seem far away for a lot of people, but considering the history of the automotive industry and its standard