Welcome to the Steer Family!

First Car Delivery

All new deliveries are now “contactless” to limit exposure and will take place at our garage in the Chinatown area of DC. On the day of your delivery, your Steer concierge will text you the address and instructions. Once you arrive, a concierge teammate will be waiting for you, at a safe distance, to help you locate and pickup your new vehicle, which will be parked with the key and SteerPass (if delivering an EV) locked inside. Once you’re inside the vehicle, the concierge will call to walk you through the essential details about the vehicle (including charging if you are picking up an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle). The call usually takes 15-20 minutes, or less time if you are already familiar with EVs.

Here is additional information on Steer’s pickup processes and directions.



To reduce the risk of exposure in the current COVID-19 environment, we ask that you limit your vehicle swap requests to emergency-only cases where the reliability of the vehicle is a concern. As with new deliveries, all swaps will take place at our DC garage unless a special arrangement is required and agreed to otherwise. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.



(202) 600-2779 is your dedicated concierge line. Please save this number and call or text with any questions or concerns. You can also chat, text or call your concierge through the Steer app. Our normal operating hours are between 9am and 5pm and our team is here to help!


Who Can Drive

Only approved primary and secondary Steer drivers indicated within the Steer application are allowed to drive Steer vehicles. All drivers must be 21 or older.


Rules of the Road

We expect you to treat Steer vehicles with the same care and love as you would your own vehicle. Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles and is grounds for termination of your membership. Additionally, commercial use of vehicles is not allowed – this includes rideshare, food delivery or taxi services. Drive anywhere you want, as long as you stay in the United States! For insurance reasons, driving to Canada or Mexico is strictly prohibited.



All vehicles are fully insured on a fleet insurance policy held by Steer. All approved drivers are covered by the fleet insurance policy, which guarantees up to $1 million of coverage. Steer customers are responsible for a $1,000 deductible for any major accident or damage. Full insurance details are available upon request. The insurance and registration documentation can be found in your vehicle’s glove compartment.


Steer is currently unable to swap you into a new vehicle when routine maintenance comes due. We ask for your understanding with this change to our preferred mode of operating, and we will work with you to arrange routine service/maintenance with a service center near your preferred location. Steer continues to cover all costs associated with maintenance. If an unexpected issue with the vehicle comes up, simply contact us (details below) and our concierge team will help to resolve the issue remotely or schedule a swap to take place at our DC garage.



Your mobile Steer app will walk you through the accident reporting process. You are required to notify us as soon as safely and reasonably possible if the vehicle you are driving is in an accident. Find a safe location and call 911 to report the accident. Steer representatives will guide you through the accident reporting process and work with you to arrange a swap into a new vehicle. In the glove compartment of your vehicle, there’s a roadside information card to walk you through what to do just in case.



Charging is easy! Each electric vehicle (EV) will come with a basic charge cord that you can plug in to a standard 110V wall outlet, like you do with your cell phone. Charge times vary by vehicle, but typically the basic charge cord gives 4 miles of charge per hour. If you’d like a faster charger installed in your home or workplace, a Steer team member can provide recommendations. Public charging is also an option, and each member is responsible for paying all fuel, charging, or idle (billed by Tesla for sitting at a Supercharger more than five minutes after charging is complete) fees. If you have any more questions about charging, please refer to the materials in your glove box or contact your concierge.



The SteerPass is there to simplify public charging for you. If you opt into the SteerPass, you will receive access to all publicly available chargers in the ChargePoint and EVgo networks. All charges will be billed back to you at the end of each month at the rate billed to Steer (no additional fees).



Want to bring your furry friend along for a ride? Not a problem! All we ask is that you make sure they are crated while inside vehicles.



Need a break from driving? Going away on a long trip? We offer the option to pause your subscription for a $100/month fee (plus tax). Pause as often as you like and enjoy the flexibility you would never get if you owned or leased. Just contact your concierge and let us know.

Have additional questions about your Steer membership? We’d love to help. Feel free to contact us at support@steerev.com or give us a call at (202) 600-2779. You can also learn more on the FAQs page.