All-Inclusive except for fuel, Month-to-Month
Electric Vehicle Subscription

STEER EV Subscription service allows consumers (typically on a monthly recurring subscription basis) to choose from a diverse fleet of automobiles that includes a range of premium luxury and entry-level electric vehicles (EV) – without the hassles that come with long-term ownership or daily rental.

The Company has been pleased with the success of its operations in Toronto and Washington, with strong utilization and subscriber growth rates, and intends to expand into various targeted North American markets that its analytics and research have helped identify. The Company anticipates this expansion translating into strong organic revenue growth on a year-over-year basis from its business-to-consumer (B2C) operations.


Simply switching to Electric Vehicles lead to a powerful impact to reduce Carbon-emission.

Your today decision brings us a more sustainable future for our generations to come.

Steer EV ultimately be powered by ecoCRED, ESG big-data analytics machine, which will automatically analyze all carbon impacts and offsets coming through its platform. When you take part in our ecoCRED program, you support science-backed initiatives that reduce carbon pollution and slow down climate change.