For more than a century, gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles have dominated the roads. However, recent technology advancements in self-driving, battery range, and power electronics have leap-frogged electric cars ahead of their gas counterparts, making what has long felt like the future available to drive today. Now we have electric cars that are just as fast as petrol-powered cars, if not faster. In fact, electric cars accelerate faster than gasoline vehicles since the induction motor of
You constantly hear about the dangers of cars, but how often do you hear about a vehicle saving a life?   Last week a newspaper in England reported, “Laurence Sanderson said he, his wife and three children, and the occupants of a second car coming in the opposite direction, would have ‘undoubtedly’ been killed by a falling 400-year-old oak tree – but in an extraordinary coincidence, both vehicles were self-driving Tesla Model X cars, which
Of all the electric and hybrid cars in the Steer garage, we have four models that are consistently among the favorites of our customers – the Porsche Panamera, Audi eTron, Jaguar I-PACE, and Tesla Model 3.   All are among the best-selling electric and hybrid cars on the market today, but why are they so popular? This article takes a look under the hood to show you how these models compare to help you find
At Steer, we pride ourselves on VIP service and ensuring that our members are not only happy with their vehicles, but also fully informed about how to operate them and taking full advantage of everything included within their subscription.    With that in mind, here is the first in what will be a continuing series of interviews with Steer members. We’ll feature real people in the DMV area that use Steer, to illustrate first hand
When you want easy-to-use electric car apps to help plan how and when to charge up for your next trip, you have quite a few options. This guide goes over some of the top EV applications that are now available, and all of the features and functions that make them useful to drivers of fully electric vehicles.    You’ll see how membership or pay-as-you-go models combine with customer service, visibility, crowdsourced data, and more, to