Steer EV vs Other Car Subscription Companies

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When people need to hire or lease a vehicle, they are forced to do numerous searches online, requiring a sharp memory or a pen and paper to jot down comparisons between several cars and companies. does the hard work for you by bringing all the certified car subscription providers on a single platform, thus cutting your search time by more than 80% and helping you read and compare vehicles hassle-free. Additionally, we help you find honest reviews for all these car subscription companies and include comparison charts to aid clients’ decision-making process. You can find them on to find your next ride. 

What Is a Car Subscription? 

Essentially, a car subscription is a short-time car hire, otherwise referred to as a lease service that allows you to choose a vehicle and go through its ID and the driver check process. Different vendors offer the service, and it is worth noting that their costs, terms, and conditions may differ. 

A car subscription vendor requires your personal information, including credit details. Next, they order your car request, and if approved, deliver the vehicle. Most vendors offer monthly subscriptions and may allow you to roll your contract with cancellations, returns, upgrades, and flips at short notice. provides all this information under one roof, helping you find a reliable vehicle with a trusted vendor in minutes. 

What Should a Car Subscription Company Include? 

Most car subscription customers do not know the most important things to look for before settling on a vendor. While price is often the primary point of reference, other essential details that, if not understood, could brew some trouble.  

Here are some things to add to your checklist as you shop for a car subscription company. 

  • Is insurance included? – While most car subscriptions include insurance, a few may not. Some companies make it optional, while others offer it as a different service altogether. suggest going through the insurance details thoroughly before signing the contract. 
  • Vehicle detailing – You need as much information on the vehicles as possible, just in case of a problem. Regardless, it is always best to contact the vendor first whenever you have problems with a leased vehicle. 
  • Requirements to join – Vendors often have varying restrictions; nevertheless, age is the first factor considered. The age restrictions may vary for vehicles ranging between 21 to 25 years. Other factors considered by car subscription companies include criminal record, whether you have any endorsements, and proof of affordability or credit check. 
  • Possible extra costs – The car vendor may not detail everything you must pay for upfront. However, the contract may give you a better understanding of what the company pays for and other liabilities on your bill, including ticket charges, gas, and one-offs such as joining fees. 
  • New or used cars? – You are likely to subscribe to a used car, as the vehicle’s car ownership is short-term. However, you can feel sure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition. Take some time to assess the vehicle during delivery and before signing the contract. 
  • Terms and conditions- Again, read the contract carefully. Terms and conditions vary from vendor to vendor. Therefore, it is safer to understand and seek clarification on factors like interstate movement, how many miles you can drive, how often you can flip your car, etc. 

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