5 Ways an All-Inclusive Car Subscription Can Help You Save Money (Infographic)

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Steer EV, the innovative car subscription company, is revolutionizing the way we buy and own cars. With a flat monthly fee that includes insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance your car needs are taken care of all in one place. No long-term commitment or hefty down payments are required. This provides customers with convenience and affordability when it comes to car ownership. 

But what are some of the other benefits you can get from Steer EV? Let’s explore how this all-inclusive car subscription can help you save time and money for all your mobility needs. 


1. The Convenience of One Fee 

One of the key benefits to consider is how convenient Steer’s flat rate has become. With no down payment or long-term commitment on your end – plus a flexible term length – you don’t need to worry about having a voided insurance policy or spending more money than planned on maintenance fees during ownership. The monthly fee covers just about everything a driver would need to keep their vehicle up and running – eliminating any surprise expenses along the way. 

Moreover, what makes Steer EV really stand out is that they offer cars tailored to fit different lifestyles – whether it be luxury vehicles for business trips or reliable sedans for everyday commuting needs – so customers can find just the right ride for them at an affordable price point. 

2. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage 

Another benefit of Steer EV car subscriptions is the comprehensive insurance coverage provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (LMIC) in Toronto. LMIC offers drivers access to their 24/7 claims service team and claims concierge program which helps simplify any instance where customers may have been in an accident or experienced theft/vandalism with their vehicle. This means that instead of dealing with multiple parties in filling out paperwork and creating police reports, you’ll have one team who takes care of everything from start to finish while ensuring fair compensation should anything ever go wrong. 

3. More Affordable Than Leasing 

Leasing a car usually requires a down payment followed by high monthly payments over several years due to interest rates associated with leasing deals. With Steer EVs flat monthly rate plan however, you don’t need to worry about paying extra depending on which model you choose – plus there is only one refundable security deposit required as well as no mileage limits so you don’t have to worry about going over your limit every month either! That’s why an all-inclusive plan like this might be more cost-effective than traditional leasing deals if you’re looking for short-term mobility options. 

4. Flexible Term Lengths 

Another great benefit of choosing a Steer EV car subscription is its flexible term lengths. Unlike traditional leases which require drivers to commit for at least three years with steep penalties for early termination or buying out contracts; subscription plans give customers more flexibility in terms of when they decide to move onto another vehicle! This means if after six months you’re ready for something new or different, it’s easy enough to switch models without having too much financial responsibility left over from past contracts. It also gives drivers more opportunities to try out different vehicles!

5. Vehicle Upgrade Options 

Finally what stands out among other car subscription services is that members can upgrade their vehicles whenever they want within their plan without incurring additional fees! Not only does this provide freedom when it comes time to change models but saves money as well since drivers don’t need to pay extra like they would if they were leasing through another dealership (which again requires hefty deposits!). Plus with access to over 5 brands across luxury cars, SUVs & vans – there’s truly something everyone regardless of budget size! 


Going further, Steer EV Car Subscription is a great choice for those who are looking to simplify their car ownership experience and save money. Its pricing model is much simpler than traditional leasing or buying – no need to worry about down payments, annual percentage rates, mileage caps, or hidden fees. Plus, you can get access to the latest cars at any time without having to commit too much upfront. 

On top of that, cancellation is always an option: Steer EV members always have the freedom to end their subscription and switch to something else whenever they want. This makes it ideal for those who are constantly on the move or have unpredictable needs when it comes to their vehicle of choice. 

Finally, Steer EV offers unparalleled customer service that makes it easy for members to ask questions and get help with any problems they may encounter – whether it’s booking a test drive, setting up insurance coverage or troubleshooting any technical issues. All in all, signing up for Steer EV Car Subscription will revolutionize your mobility needs both financially and practically speaking – so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!