What are the benefits of a short-term car lease? Everything Explained!

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Do you need a car but don’t intend to buy one now or anytime soon? Then, a car subscription could be your best shot. Typically, people are used to traditional leases that last two to five years. But the good news is that some companies have gone a step further with car subscriptions. 

They are now offering short-term auto leases. What sets short-term car leases apart is that they tend to be briefer, lasting less than two years.  

We will help you keep an ear to the ground on everything concerning short-term car leases and their benefits. 

But first things first! What is a short-term lease? 

Short-term Car Lease Options 

Short-term car leases might be less common, but here is the thing. Many options are still available. From our research, we realized that most car rental companies, franchised car dealerships, and car subscription services offer short-term leases.  

What’s more exciting is that some provide the option of taking over someone else’s auto lease if they wish to exit their contract before it ends. Here are a few short-term car lease options to consider.  

Lease Takeover 

Someone might be looking to exit their car lease contract early. In this case, a lease takeover allows you to step in, taking over the remainder of their term. However, you should remember that the original terms, like lease price and mileage limits, can’t be renegotiated with the lease takeover option. So, they will remain the same as the original lessee agreed.  

You can find a driver wanting to exit a lease by yourself. Alternatively, using a third-party platform like Swapalease.com or LeaseTrader is an easier way out.  

Long-Term Rental 

A long-term rental is sometimes called a mini lease. Many car rental firms offer this option as an alternative to more traditional lease options. The long-term rental arrangement doesn’t require you to sign a lease contract. This means you can exchange the car for another make and model or return it at any time.  

In addition, unlike traditional leases, a long-term auto rental isn’t subject to mileage restrictions. However, you might pay more for this arrangement than for a lease takeover. Online Vs In-Person Car Renting: Which is Worth it?

Traditional Lease 

A traditional lease is ideal for people who want to negotiate terms from scratch rather than stepping into an existing lease. This arrangement involves getting a conventional lease with a shorter period.  

Unfortunately, this shorter-term traditional lease is less common. So, you might take more time to find one as you shop around with numerous dealerships and leasing firms. Additionally, short-term leases usually cost more than longer options. Car Subscription Vs. Car Leasing: See How They Compare.

Car Subscription 

Undoubtedly, the car subscription model is poised to change the auto industry’s landscape. So, car subscriptions are the way to go if you want to ditch the dealerships and modernize your driving habits.  

When you join a car subscription service, you don’t commit to owning a vehicle. Instead, you commit to paying a month-to-month and all-inclusive fee that gives you access to a fleet of vehicles. You also access multiple additional services like roadside assistance, insurance, repairs, maintenance, etc. Of course, that’s without forgetting charging for EVs and hybrids. Car Subscription: Just a Fad or a Long-Term Solution?

How to Find a Short-term Auto Lease 

You now wish to consider leasing a car from a leasing company or a dealership on a short-term contract but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! Here are a few places worth considering. 

Car Dealerships 

Top of the list is car dealerships because they are among the primary sources for traditional lease arrangements, including short-term options. If a car dealership seems right for you, it would be best if you do proper research before signing a contract with one.  

Your research should include identifying and deciding the kind of vehicle you intend to drive. Also, shop around for price comparisons from multiple local dealerships.  

You want the best dealership deal. So, consider the mileage limits and down payment requirements from the dealerships in your shortlist.  

Lease Takeover Platforms 

LeaseTrader, QuitALease.com, and Swapalease are among the popular online lease takeover platforms. They specialize in connecting drivers willing to exit their car leases with individuals looking to take over a lease.  

These online tools require you to visit the site first. From there, you can search listings based on location and the type of vehicle you want to drive. Other factors include the amount you can afford to pay every month, the length of time remaining on the lease, etc.  

After identifying a preferable lease to take over, you must register as a buyer before contacting the seller. Then, the takeover platform will help you initiate the transfer process and complete the transaction.  

Car Rental Companies 

Long-term car rental companies can be the optimal choice for individuals who prefer a more flexible approach. Begin by researching local car rental firms. After seeing the available options, you can book the rental over the phone or online.  

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