Steer EV Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

    • You must be 26 or older to be the primary subscriber.
    • The primary driver may assign a secondary driver, who must be 23 years or older. The secondary driver will need to go through the same approval process.

    • Download our app to start the application process.
    • Not ready to download the app? Sign up for news and updates!

  • Once you’ve been approved, one of our concierges will contact you. We will ask you a few questions to curate the perfect first car for you. We’ll also help set up your first delivery.

  • Yes! You will fill out a short application process through the Steer mobile app. This is NOT a formal credit check and will not impact your credit score. Please have your driver’s license and credit card handy. You’ll also need to take a selfie! Once completed, you’ll be notified by call or text within 72 hours if you have been Steer approved.

  • We have all the tools for you. Contact your concierge for more details on:

    • Best practices
    • Ways to dispose
    • Selling

  • Your family is our Steer family. When you refer friends to Steer and they receive their first vehicle, we give you $125 credit towards your next month’s subscription and they’ll get a $125 credit as well!

  • Toronto users can visit us at our headquarters to complete their application if they are having online issues. US members must complete their application over the phone/website. 

Behind the Wheel

  • We expect you to treat Steer vehicles with the same care and love as you would your own vehicle. This includes driving responsibly and complying with all state laws.

  • You drive the cars just like your very own, they stay with you as if you own them. However, you are not locked into just one car, you can swap between vehicles for something different at any point in time.

  • Yes! All vehicles provided by Steer are fully insured on a fleet insurance policy held by Steer.

    Washington: All approved drivers are covered by the fleet insurance policy, which guarantees up to $1 million dollars of coverage. Steer customers are responsible for a $3,000 deductible for any major accident.

    Toronto: All approved drivers are covered by the fleet insurance policy, which guarantees up to $2 million dollars of coverage. Steer customers are responsible for a $5,000 deductible for any major accident.

    Full insurance details are available upon request.

  • Swaps must be requested by 5:00 pm the day before you want to get the new vehicle. This allows us time to prep, inspect and deliver the vehicle in the time frame you request.

    Swaps are performed on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage customers to plan ahead for holidays to ensure they get the right car during these high-use times.

  • Have questions about charging? Our concierge will be sure to share all the information you need to know. There is also a charging brochure in each car’s glove box to help you.

  • All Steer vehicles come with the model’s respective charging cable and adapter. Your charger can simply be plugged into any outlet or as instructed by the given Owner’s Manual and information from your concierge. If you would like to install a home charger, our concierge staff will help you through the purchasing and installation process. If you have any more questions about charging, please refer to the materials in your glove box or contact your concierge.

  • Some vehicles come with a car-specific application. Your concierge, where possible, will set you up with your log-in and connectivity. Some app features include battery charge level, remote start/precondition, and certain self-driving features.

  • Your mobile Steer app will walk you through the accident reporting process. You are required to notify us as soon as safely and reasonably possible if the vehicle you are driving is in an accident. Find a safe location and call 911 to report the accident. Steer representatives will guide you through the accident reporting process and get you a new vehicle.

  • If you need roadside assistance during normal business hours (M-F, 9-5), call your concierge and she/he will bring you a new vehicle, so we can take care of the rest. Outside of normal business hours, we will provide you with information in your glove box on where to call and what to do.

  • If you need to contact your concierge, you can chat, text or call through the app! You can also email us at support@steerev.com. Check out our Contact Us page for more info.

  • Yes, however, all drivers must be approved through the Steer application in order to drive. Once you are approved as the primary subscriber, you have the ability to add secondary drivers to your Steer account, which you are still responsible for. Your concierge will have additional information for you.

  • Some Steer vehicles are equipped with the utmost performance features including auto-pilot, self-drive, and much more. We encourage you to use these features within the appropriate environments and with caution as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer and the Owner’s Manual. Full restrictions are outlined within our terms and conditions.

  • Due to our insurance policy, test drives are strictly prohibited.  

  • Our insurance policy strictly limits the self-drive option, which is available.  This feature enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane. Please note that autopilot does not make the vehicle autonomous – It requires active driver supervision, which needs the driver to hold the steering wheel while driving. 

  • Autopilot allows your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane. The feature requires active driver supervision and is not autonomous. 

  • How long a car’s charge lasts depends on your driving habits. Below are the breakdowns of average Tesla vehicle ranges for reference only:  

    • 2022 Model 3 – up to 568 KM 
    • 2022 Model Y – up to 525 KM 
    • 2022 Model S – up to 628 KM  
    • 2022 Model X – up to 547 KM 

    • Level 1 Charger – Comes with most of our Tesla vehicles. This is great for at home charging. Changing speed is about 5km per hour. 
    • Level 2 Charger – Typically found at shops, malls, and hotels., It will provide a full charge, (0-100%) in 8-12 hours, depending on the vehicle. Average charging speed is around 40km per hour. 
    • Level 3 Charger – Superchargers can typically provide charge up to 80% in 45-60 minutes. On average, these superchargers charge at about 200km per hour. 

  • Yes, all our vehicles are AWD (All Wheel Drive) with brand new continental all-season tires.

Payments & Pricing

  • In addition to your monthly rate, you will be charged tax on your Steer membership based on your residency.

    Tax rates are as follows:

    DC 10.25%, MD 11.5%, VA 10%, ON 13%

  • Your fee is your monthly payment, plus tax.

  • Your first monthly payment (and activation fee) will not be billed until the day of your first vehicle delivery. You will be billed monthly through an auto-renew system. If you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, please contact your concierge.

  • If you choose a vehicle that is a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, you are responsible for maintaining gas use and payment. When you swap your vehicle for another, you can choose to fill it to a full tank, or your concierge will fill it for you and bill you back the exact amount.

  • Yes, charging can be made easy from your home, office or local areas. We provide you with a SteerPass for charging at certain public locations. Learn more about the SteerPass and charging. Vehicles must have a minimum of 30 miles left of charge when returned or swapped.

  • Need a break from driving or going on a long trip? We offer the option to pause your subscription for a $100/month fee (plus tax). Pause as often as you like and enjoy the flexibility you would never get if you owned or leased. Just contact your concierge and let us know.

  • If you would like to cancel your Steer subscription, call your concierge and request cancellation a minimum 30 days in advance. You will not be charged for the next month or refunded for the remaining days.

  • Yes, referral programs are seasonal. If you are interested in saving money by referring a friend, please talk to our sales representatives.

  • Steer normally receives the members’ tickets in the mail and will pay them immediately.  Members will be charged for these tickets during the first week of the month. If you would like to view the ticket, we will send a digital copy. 

  • We do not have discounts for a security deposit.

  • The insurance deductible amount varies by city.  For more information, please contact us. 

Terms of Use

  • Sorry. You can only drive in the country that you subscribed the vehicle. 

  • All drivers of our vehicles and their guests are expected to abide by the following rules, which are intended to keep you safe and the vehicle in good condition:

    • No commercial use – this includes rideshare or taxi services
    • No smoking!!
    • Pets may only be transported in a pet carrier. We love our furry friends, but pets are only permitted if they are transported in pet carriers.
    • No transport of hazardous materials inside the vehicles.

  • You must notify us immediately upon discovering any abnormality during your operation of our vehicles.

  • When preparing to swap we strongly advise you check the vehicle for any personal belongings that may be left behind during a swap by our team. This includes jewelry, garage door openers, chargers, and more.

  • Only approved primary and secondary Steer drivers indicated within the Steer application are allowed to drive Steer vehicles.

  • We are sorry. Under our insurance policy, only individual drivers can subscribe to our car. 

  • Yes, we do. All secondary driver must complete a background check and a driving history check. 

Basic Info.

    • Going on a road trip? Family vacation? Access your virtual multi-car garage and swap for a car that fits your plans and your lifestyle.
    • Through the app, tell us what you need and we’ll match the perfect car for you.
    • When the swap is scheduled, our concierge will deliver it to you and move your items from one car to the other – it’s really that easy!

  • Why not? Subscriptions give you the freedom and flexibility of driving many different cars for all your lifestyle needs. You still get the personal ownership experience: driving the car daily and parking it at your home, but none of the wasted time at dealerships and maintenance shops. We provide the whole package without the headache.

  • You pick the driving occasion – ex: daily commute or date night – and your personal concierge conveniently matches you to a fabulous ride that fits your needs – size, style and range. We’ll take your feedback to curate cars based on your preferences too.

  • Your Steer virtual garage will be dynamic, efficient, and flexible for any lifestyle or driving need. We offer three types of vehicles:

    • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) – Battery Electric vehicles run exclusively on a battery that is charged by plugging into an outlet or charging station. No gas ever!! Examples are the Nissan LEAF or Tesla vehicles.
    • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) – These vehicles are the best of both worlds – gas AND electric. You can choose to charge the battery and drive on electric, or if you run out of charge, drive on gas. It’s totally up to you. Examples are the Toyota Prius Prime and Porsche Panamera.
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Hybrid) – Hybrids vehicles combine the cars engine and battery system to increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions. These vehicles are the most basic type of electric vehicles. Just like most cars, hybrid vehicles do not need to be charged, and can only run on gasoline. Examples are the Toyota RAV4 and Porsche Cayenne.

  • All Steer vehicles are 2016 models or newer. However, we are constantly buying brand-new vehicles to keep up with the latest models and technology. Each vehicle is detailed and inspected before and after it ever goes out to any member.

  • Steer is a monthly vehicle subscription service that specializes in electric vehicles. We are a hassle-free, technology-driven, low-emissions alternative to owning, leasing or renting.

  • Washington: Currently, Steer is available in the Greater DC Metro area, including surrounding VA and MD suburbs. The service area is a 50-mile radius from central Washington D.C., 20001.

    Toronto: Currently, Steer is available in the GTA. The service area is within a 40 km radius of Toronto Downtown.

  • Your personal concierge is your go-to point person. She or he will deliver, swap, and educate you on your vehicle. You can reach your concierge by phone, email, or text!

  • Currently, the vehicle cannot be used for ridesharing or food delivery.

  • There are plenty of benefits exclusively associated with a car subscription:

    • Option to swap amongst a variety of high-class electric vehicles at a moment’s notice. Never get bored from driving the same car again. 
    • No contract and long-term commitment. Maximize your financial flexibility. 
    • Full insurance coverage. Never worry about insurance payments again. 
    • Tailored concierge for maintenance and assistance. No more headaches from routine check-ups and repair shop surprise bills. 
    • No down payment. Skip the hassle of having to save up. 
    • Does not appear on the personal loan record.  

  • Yes, we do! Please let me know what vehicle you are interested in viewing, and I can surely send them over to you! 

    • You pay one transparent, monthly fee that includes:
    • Access to your own virtual multi-car garage of awesome vehicles for every occasion
    • Insurance and routine maintenance
    • A personal concierge for hassle-free delivery
    • Charging solutions for in and out of your home