Revolutionizing Transportation Solutions at the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow

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The Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto will present Steer EV, a revolutionary transportation solution that is transforming the way we move. The event will showcase cutting-edge technology and innovations in electric vehicles (EVs) from leading automakers around the world and will be taking place from February 17-26 2023. With an impressive lineup of EVs on display, attendees can get up close and personal with these powerful machines as they explore their features, capabilities and design elements.  

At the Canadian International AutoShow, visitors will be able to experience first-hand how this new generation of EVs are revolutionizing transportation solutions for commuters, fleets and businesses alike. From zero emissions cars to autonomous driving capabilities – there’s something for everyone! Attendees can also learn about charging networks, incentives and more during special presentations by industry experts throughout the day. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – come join us at the Canadian International AutoShow! 

Experience Electric City Booth EV7 

For this year’s event, Steer EV – leader in electric vehicle subscription services – will be attending to showcase its one-of-a-kind car subscription service at Electric City booth EV7. Steer EV offers a unique alternative to purchasing or leasing a car by allowing customers to subscribe and drive as many vehicles as they want with no long-term commitment. To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and making electric vehicles more accessible, Steer EV aims to make its mark at the Canadian International AutoShow and impress attendees with its latest offerings. 

Revolutionizing Transportation Solutions Worldwide 

At Electric City booth EV7, visitors can expect to find an interactive space filled with innovative exhibits from Steer EV including upcoming plans for its car subscription service. At the booth, visitors will get a close look at our stylish Tesla Model S and explore exclusive deals on their subscriptions. There will also be 1 on 1 discussions from members of their team who will share inspiring stories about how Steer EV is revolutionizing transportation solutions worldwide.  

Cutting-Edge Applications at AutoShow 

In addition to having the opportunity to view and subscribe right away if they’d like, visitors can also learn more about other related topics such as battery charging products like Wallbox that are being undertaken by Steer EV. With such engaging displays, a wealth of knowledge available from their staff who are passionate about electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, plus exclusive offers on products and services, it looks like there’s something for everyone at Electric City booth EV7!  

Comprehensive Coverage for EVs 

Steer EV aims to make an impactful presence at this year’s Canadian International AutoShow with its cutting-edge mobile application which have already made waves in the eco-friendly segment of the auto market worldwide. They offer a range of different car subscription models that come with comprehensive coverage packages so customers can rest assured that any concerns regarding maintenance or repairs are taken care of quickly without any hassle on their part. Furthermore, all of their vehicles feature advanced safety features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems which use sensors around the car to detect potential collisions before they occur — helping ensure maximum occupant safety while behind the wheel in any situation imaginable.  

Inspiring People Towards Electric Mobility 

By attending this year’s show, Steer EV hopes not only to provide insight into their newest products but also inspire more people towards transitioning into electric vehicle ownership while educating them on sustainable options available today when it comes to choosing an automobile. This exciting opportunity could potentially lead us into a future where electric mobility becomes commonplace — helping reduce air pollution levels while providing people with reliable solutions for convenient transportation options! 


At Steer EV, we believe that electric vehicles should be accessible to everyone. We are committed to revolutionizing the way people think about transportation solutions and making car ownership more sustainable through our one-of-a-kind car subscription service. Our team of experts have come together at Electric City booth EV7 during this year’s Canadian International AutoShow to showcase our latest offerings, provide exclusive deals on subscriptions, and share inspiring stories about how we’re changing North America with our car subscription solutions. With so much knowledge available from us as well as advanced safety features in all of our cars, what better time than now to make a switch towards electric mobility? All these reasons combined makes subscribing with us an easy choice!