Steer EV Car Subscription On Tampa News Channel Great Day Live

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Steer EV has developed an attractive solution for those wishing to drive an electric vehicle without committing to a long-term lease or purchasing a vehicle. We offer car subscriptions to customers interested in trying out a variety of EVs. Great Day Live, Tampa’s only LIVE weekday TV show, recently showcased the subscription service.  

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How Does the Steer EV Subscription Work? 

Depending on the tier chosen, subscribers can swap out two or more vehicles per month, with the highest tier offering unlimited swaps. In addition, Steer EV handles the insurance, maintenance and more for a no-hassle driving experience. 

Car subscriptions include access to vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 or Y and last from one month to as long as you want. You only pay for fuel and tolls. Drivers apply quickly online and receive a penalty-free service that includes swapping out rented vehicles. 

Currently, Tampa vehicle options include various Tesla models, but the options may eventually include Jaguar and other EV brands.  

Loyalty Rewarded With a 5% Discount 

The company offers a 5% discount for subscribers renewing their Tesla rental after one year. There are other great features built into the rental service too. For example, your rental EV tells you how close the nearest charging station is and how long you’ll need to fuel the car fully. 

The car subscription provides access to a fleet of automobiles, including premium luxury cars and starter EVs. However, you skip the hassle of signing a long-term rental or paying to purchase the vehicle. 

Roadside Assistance 

If your vehicle breaks down, Steer EV will pick it up, bring you a new car and handle all the maintenance details. This is a car owner’s dream come true and part of the concierge approach that makes Steer EV stand out from standard car rental companies. 

Why Steer EV Started the Program 

Steer EV hopes to offer current car renters a better option with a lower carbon footprint. Florida snowbirds may appreciate the car subscription service. However, anyone wanting to try EVs can take advantage of the highly flexible Tesla rental options offered in Tampa and other locations. As a result, the service is quickly becoming attractive to a broader customer base.  

Contact Steer EV today to find out how to apply online or via the mobile app.