How Car Rentals lag against Steer’s Future-forward service

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When it comes to leasing and renting vehicles from conventional car rental companies, many factors must come under consideration, such as the mileage, type of vehicle, price, and much more. Most importantly, an individual must take into account how big of a carbon footprint they will be leaving if it’s not an eco-friendly vehicle. 

In Europe, the average number of CO2 emissions from ICE (internal combustion engine) cars is three times higher than their electric counterparts. A worldwide shift towards EVs is inevitable as more and more emphasis continues to be put on saving the environment, and as their popularity continues to grow, so too will the desire for a better, modern way to get into them that doesn’t involve the usual pains of interacting with a dealer.

When leasing an EV, such as the Tesla Model X, from conventional car rental companies, they charge an estimated price of $1,999 USD, which only includes the car payment, roadside assistance, insurance (which can ultimately be very expensive), maintenance, mileage limits (which can sometimes be as low as 10,000 miles per year and have severe penalties for going over), and the customer is ultimately stuck with only having one car — imagine paying that price as a customer in their late twenties, only to need something different a few years down the road as part of a larger family.

That problem and more are solved by Steer, which is the first-ever monthly EV subscription service that provides its users with the greatest amount of driving freedom possible. 

This service allows for a hassle-free, low-emission, and smarter alternative to buying electric cars. Other car rental companies cause big headaches to their customers by having long-term commitments with contracts, but Steer doesn’t require its users to jump into any sort of those types of commitments, instead allowing them to pause their subscription or cancel any time. In that way, there are no strings attached — customers can feel safe knowing that they won’t be forced to stick with the electric vehicles if they find they’re not for them, whereas with a regular lease, there would be no easy way out.

Compared to other car rental companies, Steer also holds no restrictions on its users in terms of mileage limits, ensuring that they can drive as much as they want without any extra or hidden fees — just charge up and go.

This EV subscription relieves its users from all of their stresses by allowing for a vehicle of their choice to be delivered to them with just a few quick taps on the app, rather than having to go through the tiring and potentially dangerous (dealers will occasionally take advantage of someone who doesn’t know how leasing works, for example) process of visiting a dealership. 

Steer matches a car to a user’s driving needs (whether it be for short commutes or longer trips), allowing for easy, clean, and fun driving. This service entails a lone, transparent monthly fee (unlike traditional leasing, which contains acquisition fees, disposition fees, etc.), and includes: Access to your virtual multi-car garage filled with vehicles for every occasion, extensive insurance, routine maintenance, unlimited miles, a personal concierge for hassle-free delivery who acts as a continuous go-to resource, and fast charging solutions.

Now, users may be curious about Steer’s swapping service. If one is planning on going on a road trip with friends, a family vacation, or just desires a change, then they can access their virtual multi-car garage and swap their EV for one that better fits their needs. Simply open the app, select which car works best for the given situation (or call the concierge if unsure) and set it up for a swap. Once the vehicle swap is completely scheduled, the concierge service does the remainder of the work by delivering the new car directly to you and transferring all items from the previous vehicle into that one, ensuring everything stays just the way you like it. 

By way of the app, available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, users can easily access Steer, let it know exactly what they are looking for, and find the perfect electric vehicle to suit their everyday needs — it’s really that easy and that simple!